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Label King Turbo’s convenient and easy-to-install system utilizes cloud-based updating and features BIG, easy-to-read labels. Regardless of how big or small your restaurant operation is, Label King Turbo will drastically change labeling errors, and significantly speed up prep time. Our fast and reliable food labeling system is affordable and easy to use. Sign up today, and never fail an inspection again!

Label King Turbo has made our food prep process at least 50% faster and has dramatically reduced the mistakes that were so common when we manually did the label."
Mike Litwin
General Manager, Domino's
It's been a game-changer. My employees love it. It's easy to use, incredibly fast, and a lot less frustrating versus when they were doing our labels by hand."
Michael Litwin
General Manager, McDonald's


Step 1

Choose the product that requires a label.

Step 2

Choose the type of label needed.

Step 3

Select how many labels are needed and press print!


System includes:
Tablet, Wall Mount, Printer, Surge Protector, Misc. Hardware, Installation Instructions $549

Monthly service:
$30 per month for 1-9 stores
$28 per month for 10-19 stores
$26 per month for 20-49 stores
$24 per month for 50+ stores

Monthly Service Covers:
Licensing fees for the software
UNLIMITED Tech Support
UNLIMITED Software Updates
Replacement printer or tablet if they fail (Does not cover abuse i.e. cracked screen) 

Refill labels:
Removable $69.99 per roll of 10,000
Dissolvable $99.99 per roll of 10,000
Shipping & Handling $20 on Initial order


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