A better, easier way to train employees.

Job Aid Turbo is an easy-to-use touch-screen tablet with voice-command that replaces antiquated physical job aids turbo.

We offer our standard 10” tablet and a new jumbo 14” tablet. All tablet purchases can be upgraded to include a Job Aid Adapter Plate and a Nutrition Smart Scale.

All tablets include our magnetic quick-release charger. This prevents the tablet from falling when equipment is moved

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Announcing New Features!

We saw the benefits immediately. We reduced our food waste, made food prep much more efficient, and saw our staff morale skyrocket."
Mike Litwin
General Manager, Domino's
I get notified as soon as temperatures rise above the maximum threshold I set up. This has saved me from having to throw out hundreds of pounds of spoiled food."
Michael Litwin
General Manager, McDonald's



One-time purchase for the 10” voice command tablet, mounting supplies,  and pre-loaded software.


One-time purchase for the 14” voice command tablet, mounting supplies and pre loaded software.


Monthly service fee for license, support, and Lifetime Warranty.


The Cheese King!

Revolutionize your workflow! Say goodbye to traditional job aids and recipe cards – switch to a touchscreen
tablet for ultimate convenience. Plus, with Voice Command technology and the availability of Cheese King
Scale, your job aids are now hands-free, hassle-free, and fully equipped for efficiency. Experience the power
of touch, voice, and precision weighing in one seamless solution

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