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Our mission to provide restaurant owners and operators with solutions that help employees and operators work smarter.

Solutions that empower them to feel confident, secure, and fulfilled in their abilities to execute, and that enable them to provide a high-quality, consistent experience for their guests.

Because we believe that everyone deserves a safe, enjoyable eating experience.


As former restaurant operators, we know firsthand that running a restaurant isn’t easy. We spent way too many years working with inferior, inadequate back-of-house tools that caused us frustration, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

Like when an employee made a costly mistake by manually labeling ingredients incorrectly and we were forced to throw them all out.

Or how about when a refrigerator went down in the middle of the night and we didn’t find out about it until the morning, when the only solution left was the garbage bin.

Or when employees got confused by the sea of job aids turbo posted on the wall and used the wrong ingredients and they had to throw it all out and start back over.

Higher operating costs, food safety concerns, and low employee morale just scrape the surface of consequences that arise from inadequate and unproductive back-of-house operations.

There were only so many times we could say to ourselves “There has to be a better way” before doing something about it.

So, we set out to forge a better way– to create innovative products that enable an intuitive, effective, and satisfying experience for the user– and that help restaurant owners stop losing revenue, employees, and customers.

Products designed by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners.

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