Modernize your in-store communication.

Quickly and easily get relevant information to all employees in one, or multiple locations. Bulletin Board Turbo is an easy-to-use, affordable digital solution for back-of-house communication.

Key Features

An easy to use, low cost electronic bulletin board.

Allows you to quickly and easily display images, videos, documents, or plain text to 1 store, multiple stores, or all stores.

Upload content from any tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Ideas for Usage


Step 1

You provide the TV, we provide the magic!

Step 2

Simply mount any TV (Recommended 32” or larger) and plug in our device to an available HDMI port and it’s installed!

Step 3

If the TV supports HDMI control, our device can turn on/off the TV and automatically set the right input

How To Use

Step 1

Log into the web portal

Step 2

Upload any content you want (images, videos, documents) – Uploads can be done from any tablet, smartphone, or computer

Step 3

Assign that content to a “playlist” or multiple playlists

Step 4

Deploy to store(s)


One time equipment cost is $149 with free shipping
Monthly pricing is $15 per location or prepay a full year for $150 ($12.50 per month)
DFA Special: Pay for 2 years service ($300 total) get $100 off the hardware